July 10th '06

Thanks so much for all the kind words from so many of you! It's amazing to me that Doppies has gotten off to such a strong start.

Cooks fixed a bunch of the kinks in the layout - and she's now on a well deserved vacation. When she gets back we'll start getting the additional link pages under way.

As for me, I have a ton to do now - including getting a bunch of scripting under way. That starts today!

Enjoy the page!

June 26th '06

News from the Colourist and Writer!

Finally, on June 26th, Doppies relaunches, with a spiffy new layout. Thanks to Mcduff and M2 for all the help with the coding, there's no way I could have done this without you. I definitely owe you!!

Doppies is going a slightly different route than it was originally, we'll explain that when it's not 4 am and I should be sleeping. Note that currently, you're seeing the sampler that was featured at the UK webcomix thing. Why? Because we feel it's a good introduction to the story... plus we really really wanted to feature it in colour.

I have a to do list about a mile long, including a move on wednesdays, but updates should be regular, or cookie'll throw something at me.

For more news on what I'm up to, check out http://astorauth.livejournal.com