November 20th '06: It's a wrap!

And thus, the first Doppies story ends on a poop joke! Yeh! Sorry for the various delays, we never intended to update so sporadically. But, you know, life and stuff. We may run a couple one panel pages before jumping into the next story, which is in progress and will be written by Robin. It will be inked by me and coloured by her, as usual. We are also happy to announce that Doppies will cover two pages of the Comic Genesis Free Comic Book Day book next year! This book will be possible through voluntary donations of readers and webcomickers, so if you'd like to see it happen, please donate through the link at the bottom of the site. (The site design won't allow me to put it anywhere more visible, unfortunately.)

I really should work on the rest of those links... yeah... Ahem.

Anyway, feel free to send us something nice to doppies at gmail dot com.